Audio Eco Tips

Warm, engaging and more hip than hippie, Tanya is a rare breed of environmentalist—one with a sense of humour. She makes complex environmental issues easy to understand and offers practical, accessible advice that people can incorporate into their lifestyle. Her approach is fun and positive, believing that people respond better when they're made to feel empowered rather than guilty.

Listen to the audio clips below to hear some hot tips from Tanya on how you can make simple but effective changes for a better environment.

Choosing the Right Car Choosing the Right Car -
Dry Your Clothes For Free Dry Your Clothes For Free -
Indoor Air Quality Indoor Air Quality -
Stay Cool This Summer Stay Cool This Summer -
Carbon Weight Watching Carbon Weight Watching -
How to Stop Guzzling Gas How to Stop Guzzling Gas -
Buying the right stuff Buying the right stuff -
The Deal With Downlights The Deal With Downlights -
Rinse Recyclables Rinse Recyclables -
Check the Fridge Check the Fridge -
Office Recycling Office Recycling -