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Painting your home and having to deal with the strong, persistent smell of paint is now a thing of the past. Wattyl i.d is the first ultra premium paint system with no traditional paint odours, which means you can move your furniture back in as soon as the paint's dry and get on with living.

Wattyl's i.d "green" product offer is now an Eco System. This ultra premium water based interior painting system includes water based acrylic sealer undercoat, ceiling white, matt, low sheen and satin.

Using world class technology, Wattyl has reduced the paint emissions (called volatile organic compounds) in i.d to less than 1g per litre of untinted paint. We manufacture Wattyl i.d "green" without ammonia and other strong smelling materials, so there's no traditional paint odours, making painting a much more pleasant job. This means there are less airborne chemicals which are likely to affect asthmatics, young children and the elderly. It's family friendly, pet friendly and very lifestyle friendly!

Our consumers comfort as well as the environment is our priority. You can paint your home in complete confidence knowing that we have taken utmost care to ensure Wattyl i.d's has low environmental
impact. We proudly display the Good Environmental Choice Australia logo on Wattyl i.d cans which is recognition of our commitment to
environmentally conscious products.

And that's not all. Wattyl i.d has excellent washability, is highly resistant to stains and scuffs, has a variety of silky smooth finishes and best of all has a great range of colours to choose from.

So do yourself, your family and our environment a favour. Choose Wattyl i.d when you paint next and enjoy the difference.