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Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is a revolutionary vehicle. It uses Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD), an innovative combination of petrol and electric power. It delivers ultra low emissions and excellent fuel economy without sacrificing performance.

In Australian Government Standard testing, the Toyota Prius achieves a fuel consumption figure of just 4.4 litres / 100 km under the combined cycle*. That's up to 50% less consumption than a comparably-sized petrol engine family car. One tank of fuel could theoretically get you over an astonishing 1,000km. And with a combined 82kW of power there's no compromise on performance.

HYBRID SYNERGY DRIVE makes intelligent use of its electric motors and petrol engine to take advantage of the key attributes of the two power sources to ensure that the car operates at optimum fuel efficiency.

1. At start-off/low-speeds, HYBRID SYNERGY DRIVE runs the car on the electric motor only, when the petrol engine is operating at it's least efficient.

2. However, the petrol engine is quite energy efficient for cruising. Power produced by the petrol engine is used to drive the wheels and also the generator to provide power to the electric motor or to charge the battery. The revolutionary regenerative braking system also charges the battery while you drive by capturing energy normally lost during braking and deceleration and converting it into battery power,meaning the battery never needs to be plugged in to be recharged - Amazing!

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* Fuel consumption and emissions tested to ADR81/01 under controlled factory conditions. Actual fuel consumption and emissions may vary on driving style and conditions.