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Prius People

What makes a "Prius Person"? A key ingredient is passion - for understanding, for sharing knowledge, for loved ones, and for leaving the world in better shape than they found it.

Tim Flannery

Mammalogist, palaeontologist, best-selling author, environmental activist, star of ABC-TV's Two Men in a Tinnie, Australian of the Year in 2007 - these are just a few items from Tim Flannery's CV. Currently Professor of Environmental and Life Sciences at Macquarie University, he wants to leave his children a world that operates more sustainably than today.

Tanya Ha

A passionate advocate for the ways ordinary people can help save the planet, Tanya Ha is a television presenter (SBS-TV's Eco House Challenge), environmentalist and sustainable living expert. She's also the author of seven green guides, with her latest, Green Stuff for Kids, inspired by her own young family.

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